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Compte-rendu du Forum européen sur l'assurance qualité (EQAF, Gothenburg, 21-23 novembre 2013)

Date de parution: 8 mai 2014

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The European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) has been organised by the E4 Group (ENQA, ESU, EUA, and EURASHE) since 2006. The 8th Forum, held at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, showed once again that quality assurance professionals derive significant benefits from meeting and exchanging ideas with their colleagues from various national and organisational backgrounds.
Participants from approximately 50 countries, including academics and administrators responsible for internal quality assurance, students, representatives from QA agencies, national authorities, intergovernmental organisations and researchers in quality development in higher education and research, exchanged, discussed and debated together for three days, true to the spirit of this year's theme "Working together to take quality forward".
The majority of the plenary and parallel sessions explored how both individuals and organisations can better understand the role that quality assurance plays in their daily lives, get involved and work together. In the discussions, there was a particular emphasis on the concept of "quality culture" and the importance of fostering attitudes and values. This publication gathers together a sample of the contributions to the Forum, and hopes to serve as an inspiration to everyone involved in QA.


L'AEQES a participé à cet EQAF et y a assuré une présentation, intitulée : "A collaboration between AEQES and CTI for the joint evaluation and accreditation of civil engineering programmes" (cf. compte-rendu, pp. 13-19).
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